Where can I play pickleball?

The purpose of ThePickleballMap.com is to give pickleball players a current up-to-date resource so they know WHERE TO PLAY PICKLEBALL. ThePickleballMap.com is constantly changing as YMCAs, rec centers, schools and health clubs add pickleball courts and offer pickleball programs at their facilities. Pickleball lines are being added to tennis courts all over the world and ThePickleballMap.com is keeping track of them so YOU KNOW WHERE TO PLAY!

ThePickleballMap.com also keeps track of pickleball clubs so pickleball players can find groups to play with. And finally for those that want more competition — ThePickleballMap.com shows you where the pickleball tournaments are located. So search the map and find a place to play.

Please contact me if you know of other places to play pickleball and I’ll add them to ThePickleballMap.com!

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